Gone Are The Days

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Gone Are The Days

Post by yogi »

... when you could do things in private. My wife and I went to WalMart today to buy some apples. I was looking for a kitchen gadget, which they did not have at Wally World. Thus, we went down the road a bit to the local Target store. I found my gadget there. It was pretty routine. The trip home is less that 15 minutes from the Target store. While on the trip home my wife of many years received a text message from a survey company. They were looking for her opinion on her most recent visit to WALMART and TARGET. She dismissed it as a nuisance. I asked her how they knew where we were and what we did in real time. She thought about it a few seconds and looked dumbfounded. Yes, she is fully integrated with Facebook.

Say what you want about the social network of choice for nearly 2 billion people, but I never wittingly gave them the right to stalk me whereabouts in such great detail. I resent what they are doing. Next thing you know they will be collecting information about my medical history. OH WAIT .. .https://www.engadget.com/2018/04/05/fac ... -research/

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Re: Gone Are The Days

Post by pilvikki »

now that you mention, they need not do any separate studies, just check into any of those support groups and it's ALL there. i once posted a question as to what people had to put up with apart from their polymyalgia rheumatica and got pages and pages of people listing everything they'd had since they were born!
i was looking for a common thread, and the only prevalent thread seemed to have been a thryroid issue, but i can't for my life figure out what that had to do with an autoimmune disease...
meanwhile, fb, you're welcome.

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