My Introduction

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My Introduction

Post by brendathomas »

I am Brendathomas from the United States and doing marketing with Bookels

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Re: My Introduction

Post by yogi »

Hello and welcome to our little corner of the Internet. I'm Dennis, aka Yogi or forumadmin depending on what role I'm playing at the moment. It's always a pleasure to see new people come to our website and contribute to the chats. From what I can tell, Bookels is a Limo service out of O'Hare Airport. I lived near there all my life. About three years ago my wife and I decided to leave the -40F winter wind chills for something a little more pleasant here in Missouri. I must say it's not a bad place to spend retirement.

Have a look around if you have not done so already. Not many people are actively posting these days, but perhaps you can help us change that. Post something new if you care to or join in a current thread. Either way I hope you will enjoy your visits with us. If there is anything I can do to make your time here more pleasant, feel free to message me or post a topic for us all to see. Thank you again for joining, and enjoy.

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