End of the cycle

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End of the cycle

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Our homepage https://brainformation.com/ proclaims: BRAINFORMATION On Line Continusously Since:2004-11-25 11:12:00. That means in November of 2023 we will have completed 19 years of presence on the internet. We have come a long way baby. Brainformation will make it to that anniversary date, but there is some uncertainty about what will happen after that.

This website was created in response to my disappointment with the state of discussion forums back in the 2004 era. That same year, in February, today’s wildly successful social media known as Facebook was born. As time has proven, we were no competition for the likes of Mark Zuckerberg. But, then, it was never my intention to compete with the giants of the Internet. We did, however, accomplish our mission, “Brainformation Forums were created for the purpose of promoting a greater understanding of people and their cultures through a free and open exchange of ideas.” In spite of the inevitable drama shows all discussion forums must endure, we did get to know each other and freely exchange ideas. Although there were some very generous and spontaneous financial contributions to sustain our operation, for the most part this website was self supported and ad free. There never was a need to collect your private information and sell it for a profit to some foreign state actors.

Some very sad news arrived today, October 9, 2023, regarding one of our long standing members, Gary Deutschmann, known here as Kellemora. After several years of battling lung disease, Gary has passed on to a greater existence. He was the last “regular” visitor to Brainformation Forums wherein we had many meaningful and inspiring chats during the past few years. A couple other old timers would drop by occasionally, but recently this website served its original purpose for only the two of us. It’s quite an interesting read if you care to peruse our conversations, but frankly I can see how it would be painfully boring to anyone but Gary and me. Gary is now chatting with his Maker and that leaves me as the last one standing.

Thus the demise of my long time chat buddy, Gary, a true friend in fact, coincides with the apparent end of purpose for this website’s being. As of this writing I have not decided what to do next. It’s just very difficult to shut down 19 years of effort and move on to something else. Unfortunately, it takes more than one person to exchange ideas freely.

Be assured that this site will remain operational at least until 25 November, 2023. Unless some unexpected purpose for it arises in the interim, it’s future after that date is very tenuous.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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