How Trees Are Made

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Re: How Trees Are Made

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We tried to make an ice pond in our back yard one winter. The garden hose was plastic and not very pliable below freezing. The water flowed through the hose to the pond for a short time but soon stopped altogether. Even though the water was flowing it froze inside the hose.

I used to have chains for my tires when I lived in Illinois. But, they outlawed chains many years ago. I never saw fit to use snow tires especially when front wheel drive came into fashion. Front wheel drive wasn't the perfect solution to Chicago winters but it did me a lot more good than the rear wheel drive cars I owned. I used to drive 25 miles of expressway to work and often found myself laughing. Sitting next to me was a high rise Jeep with tires you might find on a cement truck. He had all the power and traction you could image, but was totally helpless when it came to gridlock on the expressways.

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