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Post by ocelotl »

Ten days have passed since the previous post to this one on this forum.

Even with the announcements about the imminent closure of this virtual place, not much attention has raised regarding it.

We occasional visitors here may miss a bit a place where we can express ourselves without censorship, need to attract statistics or being plainly offensive towards something else.

¿Are peaceful gathering places out of fashion in today's Internet? ¿Do all people need to influence someone else regardless of the posted content?

Personally, I just have to be grateful of knowing, even if only through places as this, the people I've got to meet. You know all the path that we've walked along, needless to name all the sites we've gathered through in the last 23 years.

As posted somewhere else within the confines of this or past incarnations of this forum, the only constant thing is change, and it seems that the vanishing moment for this forum gets closer with each passing day, without much hope for it to have a revival.

Anyway, thank you for the time, thank you for the advice, thank you for the conversations and thank you for the memories. I'll let something in the member section just in case.

Sorry if my grammar is not the right one when posting this, you know my excuse is that English is not my maternal language.
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Re: ¿Farewell?

Post by yogi »

From what I can tell, this type of bulletin board messaging went out of style when "social networks" were born. The writing was on the walls back then as I watched the size of our active membership dwindle down to nearly zero. If I ran this site as a profit making business, it would have been closed more than a dozen years ago. But it's not for profit and I don't need to do any of the things those other social networks need to do in order to stay in business.

I had great hopes for a revival of interest in Brainformation, and in fact many technical support or special interest groups still uses this type of software to cater to the needs of their followers. But, alas, although we are all special in one way or another, there is no need for a dedicated website to celebrate being unique. Does that have to be the end of Brainformation.com? BFChat?

This website will more or less become an archive to document our final days of presence on the Internet. That might appeal only to the limited group of fans we have in our Facebook Group, and only for a limited amount of time. But, as I've noted elsewhere, our lease on the domain name is already paid for up to next year about this time. Thus there is no compelling reason to dismantle Brainformation before then. In the interim I will monitor this site daily and reply to any posts visitors would care to publish. Who knows? If enough people (at least one) leave messages with some degree of regularity, we could evolve into a special interest group of our own. You know, like Seinfeld. All about Nothing.

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