Gotta work on my patience

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Gotta work on my patience

Post by brandtrn »

Have found, for the first time in my career, what it is to deal with the health system as a family member. No, I have NOT started “stalking” nurses (and, hopefully, never will), but, seeing stuff from the “other side” will, hopefully, make me a better nurse than I was before...
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Re: Gotta work on my patience

Post by yogi »

In Japan, after you obtain your degree in engineering, the first job you are required to do is work in the factory on the production lines. It's kind of like serving an internship in the ER. The idea is to give the neophyte an idea of the repercussions of their decisions and to fully understand the process. I've worked with many a software engineer who could not make a user friendly app if they were paid to do it. LOL

Healthcare is not engineering. There is more to it than following the rules of good medical practice. Most healthcare providers deal directly with their patients and have an immediate impact. Like the software engineers, nurses and doctors often make assumptions regarding their patients' ability to understand what is going on and why. There is a high degree of professionalism in the healthcare business, but the fact that the patients are not well educated professionals often gets lost in the process.

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Re: Gotta work on my patience

Post by pilvikki »

well, i'm pretty sure that you were an awesome nurse already before. AND a person who is looking fw to becoming better than ever is exactly the kind of nurse we all wish we had!


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