Cyber Monday Surprise

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Cyber Monday Surprise

Post by yogi »

Tis the season to ... try and figure out what to get wife for a Christmas present. :mrgreen:

It's always a challenge because I am present buying challenged and really am not into shopping. Unless it happens to be on my computer, of course. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and officially starts off the frenetic Christmas shopping season. Now, in our digitally enlightened world there is also Cyber Monday. This is the Monday after Black Friday and a time to shop on line just in case you didn't want to fight the maddening crowds at the mall on Friday. I decided this was a great day to do some virtual shopping because the virtual shops would be offering their best deals on a huge selection of items. I've never been disappointed in that regard, but scrolling through the web warehouse is about as tedious as fighting the crazed shoppers at the brick and mortar mall.

I try to get something unusual yet practical for my wife of many years. There are in fact many places to search for uncommon goods, including a virtual store called, Uncommon Goods. Of course. After spending nearly an hour trying to come up with the perfect oddity, I chose a six pack of custom made peanut butter which came with a sample of as many flavors. I had no idea peanut butter can be more than peanuts; that was a plus. She is a peanut butter junkie so ... I decided to buy these $7 jars of creamy smooth peanut delight.

The only problem was that this uncommon gift would arrive December 1st. I could not wait three whole weeks to see the delight she may or may not experience with my thoughtfulness. As it happened, on December 1st a second package arrived with my order. It was something my beloved wife ordered for me as a Christmas gift. She wasn't sure I'd like it and wanted me to open it immediately in case an exchange was in order. I obliged and then gave her the package of peanut butters. We both were ecstatically happy.

The story would normally end right there but inside the box of gourmet peanut butter was a card from Uncommon Goods. It was in fact a $100 gift card. They claimed that ten Cyber Monday customers chosen at random received one of these cards. Apparently I was one of the ten. Well, being the cynic I am I did not believe it and looked for the disclaimer. None was found. It was simply a card I could use anytime over the next three years. Still a bit unbelieving, I went online to the virtual store one more time. I picked out $87 worth of goods and proceeded to the checkout. I punched in the ID# and ... YES! It was all paid for by that card. Plus they gave me $12 credit on the next purchase. Unbelieveable :xclaim:

I found a pair of fuzzy wool slippers that were hand made. The insole was removable and stuffed with lavender. The idea is to nuke the soles in a microwave for a few seconds to bring out the fragrance and the warmth so that you can sit in front of your fireplace with your fuzzy slippers on smelling good and your toes being toasty. In the summer you put the soles in the freezer for a while and you cool your tootsies while the rest of your body sweats. I have no doubt wife will like the slippers, or at least the idea. Her foot is currently recovering from surgery and just about the time the cast is off she will be getting the Christmas slippers.

Good things still do happen in this frantic world we live in.

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Re: Cyber Monday Surprise

Post by Kellemora »

My you are a lucky dude Yogi!

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Re: Cyber Monday Surprise

Post by pilvikki »

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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