Lightning Hotspot

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Lightning Hotspot

Post by yogi »

Move over Kifuka (Congo) and make room for Lake Maracaibo (Venezuela) as the top rated place on the planet for lightning strikes. NASA has been studying lightning on a global scale for 16 years and keeps track of who gets the most strikes. The lake in Venezuela has a unique micro-climate that produces 297 lightning shows in any given year, but does it matter?
"We can now observe lightning flash rate density in very fine detail on a global scale," said Richard Blakeslee, LIS (Lightning Imaging Sensor) project scientist at Nasa's Marshall Space Flight Centre. "Better understanding of lightning activity around the world enables policy makers, government agencies and other stakeholders to make more informed decisions related to weather and climate."
Apparently it does to somebody. ... -revealed/

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Re: Lightning Hotspot

Post by Icey »

What an awesome picture. The video was amazing as well, but I couldn't watch it all. It was like strobe lighting!

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