Parrot Linux and Btrfs

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Re: Parrot Linux and Btrfs

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I don't know why Gilbert chemistry sets were legal back in the good ol' days. LOL The concept of safety certainly has changed over the years. I think the Erector Set I had was my most favored toy. They had rivets and rubber grommets to hold things in place, which I'm sure today would be considered a choking hazard. The cheapest Tinker Toy set has 40 and some odd pieces for just under $35. I found one with nearly 200 pieces for $55 and a $10 discount to bring the price to $45. There were several other odd sized sets for way more. Apparently wood is expensive, or the process used to make the Tinker Toys has become expensive. The neat thing about today's Tinkers is that they are colored. No such thing was available back in my youth.

And no, I didn't hear about AT&T doing forensic work for the Republican Party. It sounds like something right out of QAnon, which I don't consider a reliable source.
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Re: Parrot Linux and Btrfs

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I guess as sales started to fall, they decided to add color to the wood pieces.
I've also seen all plastic tinkertoy sets not too many years ago.

I loved erector sets, that electric motor with exposed gears could eat a kids finger off it they were not careful, hi hi.
I had a fairly large original set, and a few add-on smaller sets designed to make as specific thing with. But if you had master set, they also showed things you could do using both sets. Advertising gimmick to sell the larger set hi hi.

Don't know who gave AT&T the contract for forensic testing of the dominion machines, but it was on several of the TV stations news broadcasts. I don't know QAnon, never looked at them. I use OANN and Newsmax to check the daily news.

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