What is computer and its parts?

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What is computer and its parts?

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A computer system consists of mainly four basic units; namely input unit, storage unit, central processing unit and output unit. Central Processing unit further includes Arithmetic logic unit and control unit.

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Re: What is computer and its parts?

Post by yogi »

I think you stated it in terms about as basic as they get. It is also said that computers are an extension of our minds and thinking. We have the same functions inside out heads as does a classic computer. In my case I think they left out the Arithmetic logic part. LOL

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Re: What is computer and its parts?

Post by Kellemora »

Hmm, my computer system consists of a mysterious metal box to which is attached an umbilical cord, power cord, keyboard, mouse, and a video screen. Some days it does what I want it to do, and other days it does its own thing, depending upon what mood it is in, hi hi.
I think its main purpose is to suck dust out of the air and clog up the mysterious parts inside the metal box until it overheats.
I then take it to the repair shop and they said GET OUT OF HERE WITH THAT BOOM BOOM BOOM BEFORE I CALL THE COPS!
I wandered on for many a year, a victim of my fate... you know the rest, hi hi.

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