The FIrst Apple Computer

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The FIrst Apple Computer

Post by yogi »

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak HAND built 200 original Apple 1 computers. Only 66 of them are known to exist today, and one of them went off the auction block at Chrisie's for $355,500 recently. It was a bargain considering somebody paid three times that price for one in the past.
Mashable wrote:The computers came with a motherboard, but Apple fans today wouldn't walk across the street for a product like this one. It was sold without casing, power supply, a keyboard, or a monitor. But the already assembled motherboard was enough to push Apple over the competitors and take its high rank in the tech world.


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Re: The FIrst Apple Computer

Post by Kellemora »

After my Heath/Zenith Octal Entry from Heathkit, my next computer was the Apple I Motherboard, and as you said, that is all you got was the motherboard. Had to buy a video converter to output on TV channel 3, more memory chips, and a quality cassette tape recorder to store the Operating System and other programs I created in Basic.

Next was an Apple II, then an Apple II+. Actually I bought two Apple II+ so I had one at work. Then for the one at work I bought the Apple "Disk II" hard drive, and afterward another for at home.
I bought the LISA System as soon as it came out for work, and when I opened a store downtown I went with a MAC+ and two MAC-SEs.
Once I was indoctrinated into computer, we bought a WANG VS Mainframe for at work. Had to build a climate controlled room to put it in, hi hi...

Those were the days, eh!

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