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Re: Microsoft Is Amazing

Post by yogi » 11 Jul 2018, 12:08

My wife's family from her mother's side is really big on ancestry records. When her grandma died we went out to Iowa for visitation at a funeral home the day before her interment. It was a pretty normal event except for one thing. There was some cousin or other with a laptop interviewing just about everyone who showed up at the wake. He was trying to accumulate source information for the family tree which he maintained. It was a perfectly logical occasion on which to do such data collection, but in my humble opinion it was out of place.

The results of this fellow's work and record keeping was viewable at the annual family reunion. The last time I saw the drawing it looked like it was on a roll of extra wide wall paper. It was massive but only represented part of the work he did. People came by to look it over and issued the appropriate 'ooohs' and 'ahhhs' upon seeing such magnificence. For me to see my entry on the tree, it was a 'gee whiz' moment. But, I have a feeling that wife's family takes it all about the same as your family. After the curator passes on, his work is going to end up in the recycle bin. Then again, there must be some Mormon Church that would be interested in preserving such things. I suspect doing all that work for the family's benefit could turn out to be less than satisfying. The gentleman who is keeping the tree alive in my wife's family must feel a sense of purpose, meaning, and direction. For his own happiness the project is a very good thing. It's just too much information for most other people to appreciate.

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Re: Microsoft Is Amazing

Post by Kellemora » 12 Jul 2018, 13:07

I hear ya Yogi! My great-grandmother on my dad's side is who maintained the family records every since they moved here from Germany. She passed all of her work to one of my great-aunts who carried it on further.
She was an amazing woman, knew everything in her head. As her anyone's birthday, including all the children, and she knew them off the top of her head.
I was doing a little genealogy myself, and after seeing some of the work I had done, she approached me when she was up in her 80's and asked if I would take over her work of keeping the family records. It took a couple of years to enter all the data she had in the genealogy program I used back in those days. She was more than pleased, and passed all the rest of what she had to me, which would be the actual paperwork for birth, marriage, and death certificates, bibles, etc.
There is no one in my family I know who wants to take over my existing files and all this paper.
Which is why I finally put it all up on Ancestry and recently made it public.
I have also done the spousal genealogy for all I could find the data on, this is how my linked files grew to over 165,000 individuals. I have over 180,000 names, but dropped some of the links because I could not verify them. In most cases, they were unrelated except through spouses who were merely a flash in the pan for a couple years.

My wife's sister, who is blind and very near death, passed on all the records she amassed on her family. All of these were entered, and the mistakes she made corrected. Also some stories she passed on I found to not be entirely accurate, and found the most accurate versions through public records.
People want copies of my work, but do not want to contribute anything to help. Sad!

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