Flight MH370

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Flight MH370

Post by yogi » 13 Dec 2017, 14:59

I knew some changes have been put in place since the 9/11 tragedy, but I did not realize one of the changes was the addition of remote control devices to all commercial aircraft. These devices give the ability to fly the plane remotely. This is a very good idea should a hijacking be attempted, but each good idea has a downside too. What if some powers-that-be hacks into the uninterruptible autopilot system? Norman Davies, a historian and author, wrote a book about it as it might apply to Flight MH370 that 'disappeared' on it's way from Kuala Lumpur to China back in 2014. He assures us his thoughts are all speculation, but then again ...

https://www.msn.com/en-ie/news/world/fl ... ar-BBGFzgD

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