RIP, Nancy Reagan

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RIP, Nancy Reagan

Post by brandtrn » 06 Mar 2016, 18:06

Didn't much care for her as an actress, as a human being or as First Lady of the United States. She always appeared to me to be VERY cold and superficial, and, from her daughter's autobiography, she also appeared to be an uncaring mother. I did, however, have all kinds of admiration and respect for her care of President Reagan (whom I ALSO never really liked!) during his final days -- how she kept him at home, jealously guarded his privacy and helped him to maintain his dignity. Whether or not she was a "good" person, she was, most certainly, a loving and devoted wife to her "Ronnie." RIP...
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Re: RIP, Nancy Reagan

Post by yogi » 07 Mar 2016, 07:17

The Reagans handled fame and fortune in classic style. I knew little of Nancy or Ronald until he assumed the presidency of the United States. His acclaim in politics seemed to be how well he managed the progressive state of California as governor and was promptly promoted to sainthood after he served as president. While many economists lavish praise upon Reagan-omics and his famous "trickle down theory," I see it all as the beginning of the shift in wealth we are suffering from so much today. My memories of Nancy Reagan during all this are negligible. She was indeed a nice human being, but that's about all I remember of her. Nancy was there for Ronald when he needed her most. What else can one ask from your mate?

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