HP printer back to its original problem.

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HP printer back to its original problem.

Post by Kellemora » 03 Aug 2017, 16:05

I've not had to do any printing since my last order about six months ago.
Got ready to print the order only to find its back to printing way too light.
I downloaded the newest driver hoping that would fix the problem. It did not.
I tried all the tricks I used before to get it to print right. No Luck.

I spent the entire day trying settings, doing the cleaning cycle, trying other computers including Windows computers, and they all print the same overly light print. Even the text is light gray like it is half toned, but now lighter than previous.

Even printing plain text comes out gray.

Looks like I really did buy a Boat Anchor and HP has once again burned me big time!
And I have an order to get out, and can't afford to buy another p