Linux privilege-escalation

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Linux privilege-escalation

Post by yogi » 20 Oct 2016, 15:34 ... e-exploit/

It seems that the Linux kernel has had a vulnerability built into it for the last nine years. Evidence is now available to show that it's being exploited by the bad guys. There is a patch to fix this, and hopefully it's trickled down to your distribution.

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Re: Linux privilege-escalation

Post by Kellemora » 21 Oct 2016, 10:30

Thanks for the article and heads up Yogi!

I upgraded one of my machines to Debian 8.6, but glad I didn't on another, else I could not have installed the new HP printer. It only had an installer for version 8.5
Received a notice from the Host provider I use, they normally don't change their kernel without giving everyone a months notice first. This time they upgraded their OS to Debian 8.6 and a kernel newer than the rest of us have at present. I wonder if this is why?

Have a great day!

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